Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Tiles for Your Patio

Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Tiles for Your Patio

Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Tiles for Your Patio

The outdoor area of your building has a lot to contribute to adding value and projecting a relaxing feel out of your living space. Of course, most people consider the interior part as the main living space. Yet, it has always remained a less known fact that most homeowners prefer to stay outdoor to unwind after the stress of enjoying the soothing breeze of the natural air.

In most luxury homes, guests prefer to hang around on the patio at the cool of the day, discussing a few issues that matter. Would you instead choose to stay indoors when there is a nice-looking outdoor area with a green garden floored with gorgeous tiles? I don’t think so. Your home will turn into a go-to destination for fun and comfort if you know how to create an appealing atmosphere in your outdoor space. 

So how do you go about it? 

You don’t have to waste a considerable amount of money to create a welcoming outdoor space. Of course, buying outdoor chairs, tables, and bars to build an impressive outdoor lounge. But what makes the whole picture perfect is installing gorgeous and durable outdoor tiles on the floor of your patio.  Click here for information about stunning outdoor tiles.

Choosing suitable outdoor tiles for your patio floor is essential to creating an outdoor comfort zone. Though it may seem somewhat less significant, the small amount of salt makes the entire meal delicious. 

Now that you have known the essence of installing stunning outdoor tiles on the floor of your patio space, the next challenging step is to understand how to choose the right one. Of course, you may find it somewhat confusing to purchase the best outdoor tiles since there are numerous options available for you in the present tiles market.  

Without a detailed guide from a professional outdoor designer, you may end up spending your hard-earned money on the wrong tiles that are not suitable for your outdoor space or deter you from achieving your expected result. 

Here is a pro guide for you to save you the stress of sifting through the seemingly unlimited options.

1. Check For Durability  

Durability is the essential quality of outdoor tiles. Of course, it is good to have stunning outdoor tiles that glow all day and night in your patio space, but if they look good but can’t serve you for as long as you want, what’s the point? The natural beauty of outdoor tiles lies in their durability. It is not advisable to spend much money on tiles that can only serve for the moment. 

Hence, the first and best tip for choosing suitable outdoor tiles for your patio is to focus on the strength and toughness of the tiles. Comprising that standard will amount to a huge mistake. 

Come to think of it; the outdoor space is not covered. That means outdoor tiles will have to experience the continual pressure of heavy raindrops and scorching heat. Fragile outdoor tiles in that kind of environment are prone to scratches, cracks, and damages, which calls for repair and replacement expenses. 

2. Choose Slip Resistant Tiles 

While you are eager to catch fun in your outdoor space, you need to put safety at the top of your mind. Having established that, you will agree that installing slip-resistant outdoor tiles on your patio is a wise and safe decision. 

Irrespective of the quality and attractiveness, don’t consider purchasing them if the tiles are slippery. The reason is simple. In a typical outdoor space, drops of water, wine, or other liquid substance are inevitable. And, when moisture touches the surface of slippery tiles, it becomes hazardous for people walking around. 

Slippery outdoor tiles are a significant cause of home accidents and injuries. The best way to avoid dangers is to choose slip-resistant outdoor tiles that give your feet and guests a perfect grip. Hence, you must check the texture of the outdoor tiles before purchasing.

3. Choose For Style 

Whether you like it or not, your outdoor space creates the first impression for your visitors. So, the kind of impression it produces depends on what you make out of it. That is why you need to strive to make sure your patio looks its best. In that light, you must create a unique style that will win the heart of every visitor at first glance. 

Meanwhile, your preferred style will determine what kind of outdoor tiles you need to install. Most homeowners choose outdoor tiles based on the look, finish and texture only to discover that they cannot work with their intended design. Not all outdoor tiles can bring out what you want. So, you need to make sure you keep your style in mind when choosing the best outdoor tiles for your patio

4. Set Your Budget

It is advisable that you first know how much you want to spend on outdoor tiles before you dash to the market. Tiles are available in different qualities and prices, so your budget will determine your choice. Meanwhile, cheap outdoor tiles are not necessarily the fewer quality ones. So, you do not have to spend all your fortune on outdoor tiles. Set a budget and stick to it when you get to the market. That way, you will get the correct tiles at the most affordable price.

5. Consider the Weather Conditions

You must choose your outdoor tiles based on the atmospheric condition of your area. For instance, if your living space is situated in an environment with much heavy rainfall than sunlight, you may have to consider non-porous outdoor tiles with dark colors. Constant exposure to sunlight can also cause discoloration in the long run. So, you will have to choose only outdoor tiles that can withstand the pressure of the atmospheric condition of your area. 

Sandstone outdoor tiles might not be an excellent choice for harsh weather conditions. They are porous and can absorb water, cracking or breaking after a while. 

If you have a shady patio, you will need to install bright-colored outdoor tiles to aid illumination in your deck. Bright-colored tiles bring brightness to a shady place all day and night.   

Final Words

You can make the best out of your outdoor space if you know how to go about the choosing process. These pro tips will guide you make an informed decision if you strictly adhere to the list. It is also essential to discuss your preferred style and design with a professional tile installer for recommendations. 

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The Best 5 Man-made Outdoor Tiles for Your Patio

The Best 5 Man-made Outdoor Tiles for Your Patio

Artificial outdoor tiles are getting more prominent in the world of home décor. Many homeowners agree that man-made outdoor tiles are better for an elegant look, comforting feel, and durability than natural stone materials. For understanding various types of outdoor tiles you can visit:

While we are not here to argue which is better, we will expose you to artificial outdoor tiles’ properties, functionalities, and use. Of course, natural stone tiles are great options for outdoor upgrades and transformation. However, you might be on the side of the coin if you haven’t learned what artificial outdoor tiles have to offer. 

So, let’s take a look into the five major types.

Before unveiling the list, I must give you some background knowledge about artificial outdoor tiles. Since the aim is to guide you to make the right decision or your outdoor space, having a complete understanding of these stones will go a long way in making the right purchase. 

Back in the day, artificial outdoor tiles are typically ceramic and porcelain. But, nowadays, there are more nice-looking man-made outdoor tiles. man-made outdoor tiles come in various colors, styles, textures, and patterns. They can also look like stone, wood, marble, and more. You can also have them in different finishes, sizes, and shapes. If you want to add a wow factor to your patio, you can opt for stunning man-made outdoor tiles

Man-made outdoor tiles are also easy to clean and maintain. Since they are made of stain-resistant materials, you don’t have to go through the stress of daily deep cleaning. Mand-made outdoor tiles are excellent choices for upgrading the look of your patios. They can also withstand the pressure of heavy foot traffic. 

Now that you have known the efficiency of man-made outdoor tiles, the next most important thing is to know which one is right for you. Of course, this article is not written to determine which man-made outdoor tiles will be most suitable for your patio upgrade project. Instead, I will present all the available options to you, explaining their properties and functionalities. You then choose the right one for your patio based on your preferred design and purpose.

Here’s a list of the best five man-made outdoor tiles for beautifying your outdoor space.

1. Ceramic Outdoor Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are among the best choices of outdoor tiles available for decorating your patio. They come with a smooth, luminous finish that makes your outdoor space shine brighter both during the day and when the light is on all through the night. 

For the past several years, outdoor ceramic tiles have been seemingly the best choice for many homeowners. Because of their unmatched strength and durability, outdoor ceramic tiles can remain in their very best shape even when the building has already dilapidated. Their PEI rating affirms that outdoor ceramic tiles have the tenacity required for a typical outdoor space. 

Ceramic outdoor tiles are known for their outstanding shinning quality. They allow you to flex your designing creative muscles to achieve the best outdoor result possible. one of the low points of outdoor ceramic tiles is that they are not advisable for use in an outdoor space with heavy foot traffic.  

2. Concrete Outdoor Tiles 

As the name suggests, concrete outdoor tiles are among the strongest outdoor tiles available in the present market. You have nothing else to worry about when you have concrete outdoor tiles on the floor. 

Concrete outdoor tiles combine a gorgeous look with unmatched durability. That means they can give your patio a luxurious feel yet serve you for as long as a lifetime. It is somewhat surprising that most homeowners don’t consider these sturdy outdoor tiles as a perfect excellent choice for their outdoor space.

Concrete outdoor tiles are very affordable. If you plan a low-budget outdoor upgrade, you already know which option is best for you. Concrete tiles also have a perfect resemblance to high-quality ceramic outdoor tiles. They are available in different textures and colors.

3. Saltillo Outdoor Tiles 

These tiles are among the less utilized tiles for decorating outdoor spaces. They are most commonly used in the southern part of the world since they are Mexican tiles. Saltillo outdoor tiles come with a unique finish. Suppose you can hire a professional hand to do the installation. In that case, you will get a ‘YES’ nod from family members, friends, and even strangers who are just passing. 

Saltillo outdoor tiles are made from durable clay, making them more durable than most man-made outdoor tiles available. One of the flashiest advantages of these outdoor tiles is that they are easy to clean. However, they might not be a perfect option for heavy use. 

4. Quarry Outdoor tiles 

Quarry outdoor tiles are another rarely used tile for patios. They are made with unglazed clay, not a natural quarry. Hence, it is among the list of man-made outdoor tiles. Quarry outdoor tiles are durable and beautiful. You will love the inviting visual appeal they create in your patio or courtyard. Without a doubt, they are specifically made for outdoor use. 

Quarry outdoor tiles are available in a few colors range. That means there is a limit to which color you can choose for your outdoor design. Of course, that may serve as a significant limitation. The current trend suggests matching your outdoor design with your interior décor. Hence, you can only get outdoor quarry tiles in grey, brown, and red in that light. Quarry outdoor tiles are slip and water-resistant.

5. Porcelain Outdoor tiles 

These outdoor tiles are among the most common tiles in contemporary outdoor décor. They are known for their unequaled durability. If you don’t know, porcelain outdoor tiles come in ceramic but in a more robust and denser nature. You can use porcelain tiles to cover any area in your outdoor space, including the patio and courtyard. 

Porcelain outdoor tiles come in various colors, styles, and textures. They allow you to create your custom design with ease and give you a perfect finish after all. However, porcelain outdoor tiles can be slippery when wet because of their glossy surface. Click here to get more about porcelain outdoor tiles.

Final Words 

Man-made tiles can make your outdoor space look its best. You only need to choose the right one for your patio based on certain factors like weather conditions, budget, durability, and more. Man-made tiles are generally affordable. The installation price can vary between $2 – $30 per square foot, depending on your preferred outdoor design.

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